• Nora

Who is ready for Ramadan!

Ramadan is around the corner and every year I feel like it creeps up on me…every year. I never shared this publicly, but out of the 5 pillars of Islam (Bearing witness that there is no god but Allah, Prayer, Giving to Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage), fasting is one of the hardest for me. I can’t say much regarding Pilgrimage since I never went, but one day I will (God willing). Even though this Ramadan will most likely be different since we are still in quarantine, and might be for the whole month, so there’s not much walking and probably more napping lol. But it is still a big disruption in your daily routine no matter what the circumstances are.

As hard as it is for me, I do fast and I try to get in the spirit. Ramadan also brings families together. That might change this year, but we will get through this and find ways to be together. Ramadan reminds me of not only food, but the importance of giving back. The importance of remembering others in need, the importance of faith, discipline and most importantly, patience. It is a time of struggle and perseverance. It maybe a little hard for me since I am borderline anemic and fasting does bring me down. In a way, I do less of everything. I socialize less, I go out less, I work less. I stop a lot of my normal life rituals, which is hard for me, but it grounds me. I think everyone in life needs to fast some way or another. We need to be grateful for what we have and if we don’t… we may end up going down a path that lets us forget the reason we are here. We are not only here to live a happy life. But we are here because of him…which brings back to faith. Faith that will lead us back to him. We cannot forget that.


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