• Nora

Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day! They deserve way more than just a holiday if you ask me because one day cannot even begin to demonstrate the appreciation and gratitude that should be given to hardworking mothers everywhere. They work around the clock and barley get a thank you for what they do. All the work they put in is usually taken for granted and we expect them to keep going because no one else can do what they do.

Motherhood is a journey that is really too complex to explain in general… let alone to do it in one blog post. It is like going on a roller-coaster with all the flips and dips with all kinds of emotions and situations. Not only do you change as a person, but so does your whole thinking process. You learn so much more about yourself! You learn that you can actually take care of another human being. Motherhood has its ups and downs that, contrary to popular belief, do not go away as the children grow up. Every stage has its challenges, but it also comes with the sweetest joy.

Since I became a mother, I found that I have developed this inexplicable connection to other mothers, especially the ones in the same stage as I am. There is a sense of community when you become a mom and it spans all over the world not bound by any distance! And I truly appreciate it. To all the mothers out there… I see you, I feel you, and I admire you.


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