Life can get you down sometimes, if not all the time

Life can get you down sometimes, if not all the time. But as they all say, that is what makes you stronger. As cliché as that sounds, I believe it is true! It is about learning how to get up when you are down. It is about the strength of getting up when you feel the weight is extremely heavy and it feels impossible to get back up. I had my share of failure in my life, some of it still haunts me and some that comes as flashbacks and then passes. All I know is those experiences have brought me where I am today and taught me how to deal with my future self so that I never put myself in those situation again. And if I somehow do, I’d know what to do.

To me, the definition of life is imperfection…it is about doing your best. We all try our best to be at a place where we want to be, but sometimes as hard as you try, it still feels impossible. Trust me, if you were to succeed in everything that we put our mind to, you would be a different person, and you may have a different life that you may not have excepted or actually wanted. You may never feel grateful or have the friends, spouse, personality…etc. that you have now. I grew up with this quote and I am still a firm believer in it, “everything happens for a reason.” You may not know right away why something bad may have happened, but maybe you will in the future….or maybe you never will. But trust that this was meant to happen and that it may take you to a different road with a different adventure. Although the hardest part of every situation is getting back up, you can learn some priceless life lessons along the way. You may often find yourself asking how, how do you get up when everything feels like it’s against you, like there is no hope? That is how you get stronger, not just because you went through a challenging time, but because you were able to get up, dust yourself off and continue on with life.

It may take weeks, months, or even years to fully recover. But time doesn’t matter, take all the time you need, but know that life goes on and you have to keep going. The world doesn’t stop, people don’t stop, even those closest to you will forget you exist sometime. The world will keep spinning, and the sun will keep rising and you will eventually have to keep going. Being strong is not about going through an experience but it’s about what we do after the experience. It’s about how we rise from it. You don’t have to be a super hero or have a crazy success story. What matters is being content and being able to find the next door that awaits for you. It’s about letting those weights finally feel like feathers that will let you fly again.


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